McGregor Printing & Graphics
Address: 171 N Maddy Street
McGregor, MN
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McGregor Printing & Graphics truly is a company that is all about making our customers happy. We have a clear focus on providing you with the quality and dependability that is required to ensure the success of your marketing efforts. We are skilled professionals dedicated to the highest levels of customer service and quality.

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Voyaguer Press
Address: PO Box 96
Floodwood, MN
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The Voyageur Press is a small weekly newspaper that covers the school districts of McGregor, Cromwell, Floodwood and South Ridge. Some of your more populated areas include Big Sandy Lake, Lake Minnewawa, Round Lake and Prairie Lake.

The newspaper focuses on providing positive news to the readers of this region. Readers can expect various Human Interest Stories, stories on many of the local events, local sports, information about faith and our very own food section.

“Shining a Positive Light on our Communities”, the Voyageur Press offers a number of services including menu, flyer and brochure printing; photography, and graphic design.

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